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November 23, 2009, 5:55 am
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Presents…a reading by local writers Deesha Philyaw, Christina Springer, Melissa Sokulski, Kelli Stevens Kane, and Robin Monroe, along with Amanda Gilby, Hip Mama short fiction contest winner, reading “Blue Gardenia” featured in Issue 44:The Creativity Issue

This latest issue honors and celebrates musicians, writers, and artists who can nurture their kids and their art.
Let’s get together hip Mamas! We want to hear from you!

Friday December 4th 7pm

Rebellious Nature Radical T-Shirt & Fair-Trade Gift Shop & Art Gallery

Located At the Corner of Penn Ave and N.Graham St.
-Side Entrance at 104 N.Graham Street-

for more information check out:


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I am not a mama, but i read your story in Hip Mama anyway.
There is a woman, Melba, who is my grandmother, and she takes a lot of shit from my immediate family for past actions and words. I go through periods where I call her once a week, and sometimes I say I will visit and I never call. It is because of other peoples opinions of her, and sometimes because she is a broken record of the bad memories and family gossip. I think it is because she is so sad that she says what ever comes to mind to keep from feeling anything real. My dad, her son, committed suicide. What you wrote about Deenie, made me think of her. The lines about not visiting your grandmother because you are too busy, or because “we”, and I will substitute I, cannot get over her eccentricities, made me cry into my bowl of rice not five minutes ago. Thanks for your words. I do not know if they will permanently change my attitude towards her, but they did for these few moments. I will call her.

Comment by emily

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